Chão Nosso Viagens Culturais

living, traveling and learning

Much more than a tour operator and agency, Chão Nosso offers to its clients a proposition that goes far beyond a simple trip. It brings closer, in all of its events, the contact between the traveler and the environment, between nature and human beings. Our main objective is to provide, through the means of information, cultural and environmental education some experience between nature and the observer, with everything that it has to offer. All this is done to attract everyone's interest more and more by using a powerful tool: the tourism.

Our range of services concentrate in three major segments: study trip, cultural and ecotourism trip and corporate trip.

Study trip

By traveling, students not only gain knowledge about the world and learn to respect and live with one another through real experiences, but also develop abilities for group work as well as engage themselves in a kind of education more broadening than the traditional curriculum.

Cultural trip and Ecotourism

We offer travelers a personalized service concerning airline tickets purchase, travel packages, hotels, car locations and travel insurance for national and international destinations.

Corporate trip

Corporate and business training is an exclusive product of Chão Nosso: through business workshops and specialized psychologists, we offer assessment and training to employees and people in positions of trust. Specific itineraries for employees’ incentive travel are also available.

Chão Nosso Viagens Culturais
Living, Traveling and Learning
Rua Cayowaá, 1997  Sumaré  São Paulo-SP Brasil
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