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Corporate trips

Through cultural trips and specific training programs, our proposal aiming, at corporate companies, seeks to meet the main needs of businesses today, such as motivation and encouragement of teamwork, efficiency in everyday life, fostering creativity, and development of cooperation within the staff among others.
All carried out as safe as possible.

We travel to a number of destinations throughout Brazil and, during the trip, we carry out group dynamics, experiences or lessons in nature.

We expect that these activities may foster a collaborative atmosphere among participants, providing information exchange and mutual understanding among members of the company. The activity also aims to improve the knowledge on the environment.

The proposal of Chão Nosso is to raise confidence on your team and, to provide the return on investment increasing productivity, enhancing the image and the company capital more and more as well as preserving their human capital.

Our experience shows that cultural excursions and outdoor experiences improve the work environment and inter-personal relationships in the company.

Contact us and see some of our proposals on cultural activities for the corporate environment.

We will be happy to help you!

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Chão Nosso Viagens Culturais
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