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Estudo do meio

Study trip

The study trips are the funniest part in school life of most children who have the opportunity to enjoy them. A well carried out field study is of great importance, and particularly to some students’ potentiality, it might make a difference towards their future.

Chão Nosso is a pioneering institution that seeks to reach the best in terms of extracurricular activities, providing opportunities not only to visit magnificent places, but also to work there, therefore outcome is for sure.

The field studies trigger emotions that students who have travelled with us will never forget. We strongly believe that for some these trips will be the inspiration that will change their lives.

If you are a teacher or if you are interested in learning the content covered in our Field trips – Teachers

If you are a parent, mother or the responsible for someone who will take a study trip with Chão Nosso – Parents

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Chão Nosso Viagens Culturais
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