Chão Nosso Viagens Culturais

living, traveling and learning

Chão Nosso Viagens Culturais is a tour agency specialized in field study and environment itineraries which, since 1992 has been operating in the national and international market along with some of the most important educational institutions of the country.

Nowadays, field study and environment itineraries have been, with greater intensity, connected to school curriculums, becoming a powerful tool in favor of teachers, rising interest, stimulating interpretation and facilitating the interdisciplinary comprehension of the content taught in the classrooms.
Field studies provide transversal approaches, expand critical thinking throughout collected data in the field and foster the idea that knowledge is acquired in the plurality and diversity of stimuli.

Together with field studies, we develop and carry out projects adapted to various interests, highlighting corporate operations as well as cultural and ecotourism trips.

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Chão Nosso Viagens Culturais
vivendo, viajando e aprendendo
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